Board Games

Note: Games with no stars are unrated

  1. Herd Your Horses 5 Stars

    Herd Your Horses is a board game that starts you out as a lone mustang stallion, and you collect a herd as you travel along the board. The more horses you have in your herd, the more likely you are to win! The game is 2-4 players.

  2. Horse-Opoly 4 Stars

    This game is similar to Monopoly, except you are building barns, grabbing bales of hay, and collecting horses! Trade horses, build on what you own, and try your best to be the one with the money at the end.

  3. The White Unicorn 4 Stars

    Really fun, but it is older and I don't think they sell it anymore.

  4. Horseland Blue Ribbon Day Game 3 Stars

    This is a board game based off of the Horseland TV series where you can take care of your horse, compete, and win a blue ribbon!

  5. Hooray for Horses- Educational Card Game 3 Stars

    This card game set comes with 5 different horse breeds and 5 different games that you can play. Learn more about horses AND have a ton of fun!

  6. My Horse Show Game 2 Stars

    This game isn't made too well, it is ok to play. It has plastic horses and a mat, but the horses fall down a lot.

  7. Change Horses 0 Stars

    A game based on horse racing with a twist... to win this one, you must pick the horse that is going to place last. 2-4 Players.

  8. Horserace 0 Stars

    2-11 players, this game is perfect for a party! Race your horse tokens across the track and be the first to the finish line! This game is made of solid wood.

  9. The Horse Race Game 0 Stars

    Great party game! Before each race, place bets, pay your horse's entry fees, line up to go and then they're off! Roll the dice to advance, and raise the purse as you go along.