Sim/RP Games

Note: Games with no stars are unrated

  1. Howrse 5 Stars

    Howrse is a game that gets better and better the longer you play... build up your stables from one horse to hundreds and take quizzes to qualify for different jobs as well as an equestrian center. Earn prizes for your stables as you play!

  2. Horse Isle 5 Stars

    Horse Isle is a really big world full of horse minigames, beautiful artwork and other players! The game is free to enjoy but also allows users to purchase many features, and $5,000 of the profits go to helping abused horses. A wonderful, addicting site! Catch wild horses, do quests, make money, compete in drafting, jumping, racing, and dressage, and chat and make new friends! This is a truely wonderful site! You can pay to be a subscriber and get bonuses, but you don't have to!

  3. Pony Island 5 Stars

    An immensely popular fantasy site that allows you to own and breed ponies to get rare coats and discover new breeds! There are literally hundreds of different looks your pony can be born with, and you can trade with other players for your favorite looks!

  4. Equine Ranch 5 Stars

    Equine Ranch is a highly realistic sim of horse breeding, having 300 quadrillion (no joke) different genetic combinations and over 200 different breeds! Talk, compete, breed... you can do it all!

  5. A virtual horse 4 Stars

    An online horse game for you to play. Play horse games, make tack for your horses,feed horses and access the genetic colour information of your online horses.

  6. Canis-Equus 3 Stars

    Easy to use and navigate. Own dogs/horses/llamas. Enter shows, breed, train, interact with other players. Set up so that even non-upgraded players can succeed on the game. For ages 13 and up.

  7. club pony pals 3 Stars

    really fun and it is a game after the series pony pals where you look after your own virtual horse

  8. 3 Stars

    A realistic horse breeding and stable management game with thousands of users.

  9. Flying for Home 2 Stars

    Flying for Home is an simulated horse racing game where you can breed, raise, and train your own racehorses!

  10. White Oak stables 2 Stars

    Game for all players pick your own disipline english western.

  11. Pony Box 1 Stars

    Have ur own pony or horse with many breeds!

  12. Race Horse Tycoon 1 Stars

    Race ur horse to the Best Feed it and care for it.

  13. Charger Escape 1 Stars

    Free the horse by finding magic items.

  14. Capalls 0 Stars

    Capalls is a sim game that is updated daily and has over 190 breeds, as well as tons of different items for the horses you own, breed, show, and take care of. This game is very social, and very friendly.

  15. Equination 0 Stars

    Racing fans will love this game! Raise your horse to be the next champion, breed more, and gather fame as your success grows. This game is free, and has many different features for horse-racing enthusiasts to enjoy.

  16. The Bridle Path 0 Stars

    A very friendly and close sim game community that focuses on hunters, jumpers, and equitation and tries to mimic real world situations as much as possible.

  17. Horse Tycoon 0 Stars

    Horse Tycoon lets you breed and compete your horses, with the ultimate goal of being the Horse Tycoon! This game has a huge forum and lots of active players.

  18. Ponystars 0 Stars

    Breed and buy your own magic ponies!

  19. Horseworld 0 Stars

    Filled with funny and activity beyond imagine! To me.

  20. Equintina 0 Stars

    A fun exciting horse sim! You can own, train and breed your own horses, interact with other players by messaging them or in our shoutbox. Train riders to compete on your horses, sell art and visit the town. We even have stables up for purchase or board some where you can train riders for your horses and much more.

  21. Horseland 0 Stars

    This game has the best everything! Breeding, pedigrees, health, trading, etc. Customize your homepage, horses & avatars. Coolest thing is the 3D. Ride your horses around a 3D world and talk with other people. Compete in & design your own 3D Jumping Shows!

  22. Ponybox 0 Stars

    A very fun horse sim game. Own and breed horses of hundreds of breeds. Collect and sell items, train and compete. A very fun interactive game!

  23. A Virtual Horse 0 Stars

    An excellent online horse game implementing horse coat genetics, where players can chat, have jobs, manufacture tack or train for others. Horse colors and white markings are generated based on the parents' genes and there are millions of combinations.

  24. Horse-Game-Net 0 Stars

    A challenging horse game where you can choose one of the most popular 20 breeds of horses that you can raise. You can choose to become a rider, manufacturer or trainer and compete with other players.

  25. Bella Sara 0 Stars

    Fun, you get a foal to take care of and you can get cards with horses to look after. Games and galore for everyone!!!